Saturday, November 27, 2010

thankyou from Brian Fouche

A BIG THANKYOU TO EVERYONE, there's no way to describe the amount of support I received. I've had hundreds of people reach out to me in the past week, and more who continue to reach out everyday as they learn of what happened and you have all made it possible for me to not only be alive, but LIVING. I was overwhelmed with support from family, friends, the cycling community, mabra, doctors, nurses, and even people who I didn't know prior to the events that transpired. I wish I could thank everyone individually from the people who resuscitated me at the race to the teams and individuals that visited me, talked to me, sent me messages, sent me gifts, etc. My hospital room was packed with visitors all day, everyday, it was amazing, they barely had time to operate on me with all you guys cramming into my room :-)

I have no memories of Saturday when I apparently went into cardiac arrest (heart stopped) at schooly mill cx (bicycle race) and David Bozak (a doctor) who was competing in the race as well came up to me, realized something was wrong, performed CPR and resuscitated me . I also have no memories of Sunday or Monday when I was apparently in a Howard County Hospital. It seems I remember most of my time in John Hopkins from Tues, Wed, and Thursday when I was released. Even if I don't remember seeing or talking to you please know that it still made a huge difference in my fast recovery and I'm so grateful.

I had surgery to install a defibrillator in my chest on Wednesday. I was discharged late Thursday night and I'm home recovering. I'm mobile, functional, and besides doing everything a touch slower most people looking at me would have no indication that anything ever happened to me. I'm going to make sure to take plenty of time to rest and properly heal up, but I'm gonna be back on the bike in 2011 and look forward to seeing everyone.

Brian Fouche